“This mash-up of Bible plus sci-fi plus metaphysics introduces new lines of thought for meditation and consideration.” –ForeWord Reviews

“A passionate rereading of Christianity and the nature of personal faith. Familiar concepts, sure, but Rozek’s unconventional perspective makes them seem invigoratingly new.” –Kirkus Reviews

What is God? Why are we here and why is our Earth in such a mess? If God exists, how can we reconcile that to quantum physics and the growing evidence of possible extraterrestrial life? The Celestial Proposal answers the hard questions.

This exposé strips away the religious terms of traditional Christianity to uncover an ancient celestial plan for humanity. The answers to age-old questions emerge in stunning clarity. A belief system comes to light that’s powerful enough to take something from the spiritual realm and establish it into our physical reality.

A huge paradigm shift documents the real truth behind the tapestry of religion: We’re invited to align ourselves with the Great Ones, the source of God, and to spiritually develop into god-beings worthy of immortality. Only then can we take back our planet from the dark forces destroying it!

A great, mind-rocking epic drama is now being played out and the whole planet is the stage! 

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