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inside-churchThey started singing. My expectation was a Caribbean stereotype of lively black spirituals. Because you see, I was in a funky little village church in Curacao and the congregation was more than half black! But what shattered me to the core
was the solemn melody that spewed forth – an intimate personal glitch to the fabric of my reality! Continue reading


Creating with Faith series: Part 9photoWhat do you do if you have Faith but you’re stuck in the Now? If you’re doing all you can and you’re sure of what you hope for, but it seems to be taking forever? That’s when a bold plunge into action is needed…. Continue reading

batman-vs-superman-nightmare-scene-happenedPeople look around at the horrible state this world is in and just shake their heads. “If God made the world and this is it, why would I believe in a God like that?” Andy follows my blog and asked me some hard questions. Maybe you want to hear the answers to this one too?

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Creating with Faith Series: Part 8

“Do you want to change your life? Well, do it then! No one else can do it for you.”  His eyes locked with mine and through intense compassion the words swirled in on me.

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