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It seems obvious there will be no peace on our planet until all people agree on a set of universal moral standards. Our justice system in the western world is based on the Judeo-Christian code of ethics. But what if you are Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, agnostic or atheist? Are there higher moral principles that we can all agree on outside of religious doctrine? And if there are, what they are? Continue reading



I know I challenge you at times to cross some bridges….and some of my blogs take you into strange perspectives, but today, this blog has 565 followers and counting!
I started writing about my crazy-Christian-belief-system a long time ago and it’s been an amazing journey.  So I just want to THANK YOU for coming along with me on my grand spiritual adventures.

From isolated wilderness living to world traveler; from a timid fundamental Christian to a trailblazing evangelist; I thank God he’s been there for me along the way.

To those brave souls who dialogue with me by posting comments; thank you for sharing heart to heart.  I choose challenging topics to get people to think and I‘m so happy to hear from you. I am learning from your wisdom too.
And if you’ve HIT THE  LIKE BUTTON even once, I want you to know you’ve made my day. The efforts in writing each post are worth it then! You’re part of MY TRIBE. 
I feel your hug, that pat on the back and it’s good. 

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For those special people who have read my book, I’m honoured. We’ve connected in our search for truth, in our desire to find God, and Spirit, and Jesus – in a swamp of religiosity. We’re putting the puzzle pieces together by piece and it’s beautiful.
If you haven’t read my book you can see 5-Star reviews on,, or order it through your local bookstore, Barnes and Noble, in paperback copy or get it on your tablet with a free Kindle app.
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 So thanks for following me. I'm singing to God with gratitude in my heart for finding you! Colossians 3:16

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I am sad. But tears are sliding down the cheeks of many people right now. They’ve been ravaged by recent tragedies; huge tornadoes, giant wildfires, and massive flooding. How does one accept the calamities that overtake us? What do you do after the tears?

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