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Nobody wants to be religious anymore…but we all want to be spiritual! WHAT IS GOING ON? Outside the physical organization of churches, millions of people try to clothe themselves in spirituality while staunch Christian denominations condemn those same new age beliefs.
Traditional Christianity and its elitist point of view cause division while we are supposed to love all people as Jesus commanded. I am a Christian filled with love and so I have to be inclusive and accept all kinds of followers on their journey seeking a God personal enough to empower them. Yes, I believe the shortest road on that journey is through aligning ourselves to Jesus Christ, but certainly, that is easier for those of us raised in the Judeo-Christian culture of the western world.
So instead of judging others, we need to ground those with New Age philosophy to the very biblical foundations their beliefs are based on; loving a God who exists in all creation, loving others as themselves.
I’m not convinced Christianity has to be exclusive. Besides, I think It’s exciting to watch people get hungry for Spirit, those who seek a deeper, moral kind of life, who try to put love and universal standards within their hearts!
The apostle Paul was quoted as saying:

I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. I Corinthians 9:22

Because after all Jesus Christ left this planet and returned to the celestial heavens of his Father. He came and went and just as he promised, he sent back some sacred metaphysical essence he called Holy Spirit. Maybe he didn’t actually want to be worshipped as a historical figure at all! He pointed us to God. He was the Son of God, the ambassador from God, to show us the way to love God through our alliance with Holy Spirit.

I will send you Holy Spirit to guide you in all things so you may have peace... John 14:26-27

Let’s open our minds to view a new perspective of the old biblical truths! I’m an author who loves to write to un-churched, spiritually hungry people to help them connect to God in our space-age of the new 21stcentury. That’s why I use non-religious terms in my book, The Celestial Proposal.

“Spirit…an invisible counsellor designed to form an inner intimate fusion within our minds. An otherworldly essence taking up residence within us? This would be kind of scary. Yet access to Spirit is supposed to assist us in developing the spiritual maturity to become a subspecies of the God Kind.”  

Chapter 1, A Bold New Perspective, pg. 6.   Review the book

A subspecies of the God Kind? Yes, I’m downloading Spirit as a new operating system to guide me to become a child of God. How about you?

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I have met mothers from all cultures and we are so alike! Our children ARE our life. We go without to provide, and we lose ourselves to raise them. BUT our biggest job is to take an infant and train him to be a kind and moral human being. In other words, we’re hired by God!

Oprah Winfrey said,

Happy Mother’s Day to all women for their innate mothering qualities! So here’s a funny story from my book in tribute to my mother and my own children:

“…while I was growing up my mother had such a loving willingness to erase any misbehaviour I may have been involved in, she wouldn’t even believe me when I confided in her about the things I was doing.

Her saying, ‘Oh, honey, I know you wouldn’t do that’ made me strive to live up to her expectations. Her love and belief in me as a young person covered my errors with grace.

Mom&I.jpgWhen I was faced with my own children doing something wrong, I had no lack of love or pride in them either. Their wrongdoings were simply acknowledged, and together we explored a better way to do things the next time. Now, as adults, they laugh at the dreaded question I used to ask them:

‘Oh dear, that is a problem. How do you plan to fix this?’ At one time my youngest looked back at me sheepishly and said,

‘Can’t you just be like some other mothers and give me a spanking for being bad?

As loving parents, we always try to back up our children’s integrity. God does the same.”

Review more of the book here The Celestial Proposal, Chapter 10, Standards of Celestial Morality, pg. 127.

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* Excerpts and links to this material may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jane Catherine Rozek and website.


By Jane Catherine Rozek

I have been in and out of love many times in my life. Come on! So have you if you’re over 30, even if you’ve been married for 40 years to the same person! Love comes on so strong, but then it takes a lot of effort to keep that kite flying in the winds of change…

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