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It’s been a long, lonely spiritual journey for me. I started the book decades ago in our wilderness log cabin on a ranch, and the manuscript has survived a great many crises in my life. After countless author editing and three professional editors scrutinizing every sentence, the manuscript has finally morphed into final form and is on I was so encouraged to have it chosen as one of the select few and featured in ForeWord Reviews for their Dec. 1st, 2013 edition.  I hope The Celestial Proposal will inspire you to “think outside the box” and map out your own spiritual journey for living life on planet earth.                                               Jane Catherine Rozek

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Around midnight one foggy evening, I stood on the edge of a bluff overlooking the Columbia River far below and tried to connect with a higher power. Clouds covered the gorge and leveled themselves so it seemed as though I could step out and walk upon the surface. My life also lay before me like a vast journey of undulating ups and downs—there would be some joy, yes, but also lots of heartaches. Did I even want to play the game?

“Why am I here? What’s the purpose of life anyway?” I whispered intently over the sea of gray.

We all ask these age-old, mind-niggling questions at some point in our lives. It was at this time I began a personal search for those elusive answers. With perseverance, I discovered them quite unexpectedly, right where they were said to be: in the ancient writings of an old, black Bible. At first, the answers seemed bizarre and in such contrast to the standard beliefs of the denominations of Christianity I knew. But I was young and idealistic enough to strip away all the religious terminology and put the words into a contemporary context. The conclusions were only logical but yet simply amazing.

I was raised with strong, mainstream Christian values. Yet to commit fully to an invisible God presence in our world, I first had to decide if having a Christian kind of faith would actually benefit my life. I believed if a God Source were real, it would also exist outside of corporate church doctrines. My premise then was to read the words of the Bible without any preconceived religious ideas to see if they still made sense. Perhaps I was naïve in my focus, but when I read these powerful passages they made more sense to me, in our scientific age of space exploration, to take them literally than to accept what orthodox Christianity has expounded.

Like many others, I had been influenced earlier by the book Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Dåniken, who first dared to link a presence of God to God-beings who literally came down from the heavens. This did not seem to be a far stretch to me; in fact it seemed perfectly logical since God was said to be from heaven.

I later discovered that my other perceptions were certainly not unique either. C. S. Lewis’ book Mere Christianity is a classic but his book The Screwtape Letters presents a fascinating way to personify the forces of evil as other worldly entities. It explains to me why life is a struggle and why the world is in such a mess. Other best-selling books—such as Zecharia Sitchin’s well-known series; The Earth Chronicles, which document his research into ancient texts and artifacts, including texts in Akaddian and Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian, Hebrew, and other ancient languages—provide even more reasons to consider that our traditional picture of God may be in need of a major overhaul. I also believe it’s time we wake up to the larger plan for planet Earth in the spiritual evolution of humanity, as James Redfield maintains in the Celestine Prophecy series.

However, please take note: my own specific viewpoint does not take away any validity whatsoever from the priceless truths found in biblical text, nor does it eliminate the truths found in other religions. All belief systems in a higher power have merit and exist for cultural differences on the road to enlightenment.

I purposely write about these things in a bold way to inspire you to think outside the box and color outside the lines. Jesus Christ and his message were definitely controversial and outside the religious norm in his day. So if my thesis makes you want to question and research, then personal growth will happen even if you are not in agreement.

This book is for non-believers who still search for answers.

This book is for those who believe in a God and are willing to strip away the religious terms to read the ancient textbook for what it actually says. Truth doesn’t change with the use of non-Christian terminology. Truth stands still and simply waits for us to understand.

This book is for Christians who realize we can’t put God into a preconceived box and that God doesn’t actually live in houses built by men.

This book is for those with New Age philosophies who are searching for the original roots to wisdom.

It’s for all who are brave in heart and open of mind, for we are now involved in the most fantastic interactive reality game of all—the game of life. To get to the ultimate level, we must play it seriously with all the skills we have.

I hope you plan to read on. I encourage you to draw your own conclusions, map out your own spiritual journey, and forge your own philosophy for living life on planet earth. Just do it quickly, because the real reason you are reading these pages now is because you are needed.

—Jane Catherine Rozek, 2013

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