NEW✮ Writer’s Digest Review December 2/ 2016 

The best part of author Jane Rozek’s book, The Celestial Proposal, is the research. She asked, “Why am I here? What’s the purpose of life anyway?” And it was at this time she started searching for those elusive answers through her Bible. Mrs. Rozek shares (her beliefs), “If we put ourselves in agreement with God’s Word in any matter, then we will speak with authority and overcome impossible hurdles.”

…Well structured and well organized, this is a challenging new look at faith through fresh eyes. The author (writes), “I suggest that you sit in a pitch-black auditorium or other very large room, and then light a single candle and see what happens. You will find that no matter how vast the darkness may be, light always overcomes it.” –Review by Judge #42

Braden w mybook

Spring 2014 Gregg Braden’s Conference at Sparkling Hills Resort, Kelowna, BC

Gregg Braden owns my book!

One of my very favourite thought leaders!

✮ Holistic Market/Kelowna, BC  Booksigning at booth #11 – June 21/2015I enjoyed meeting some very interesting people at the Holistic Market on Sunday. I hope to stay in contact with those who bought  copy of The Celestial Proposal. Congrats to Sharon from Kelowna, who won my book as a door prize. She said, “It was meant to come to her!”

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✮ Kirkus Reviews gives glowing review!   January 17/2014

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“A passionate rereading of Christianity and the nature of personal faith…Familiar concepts, sure, but Rozek’s unconventional perspective makes them seem invigoratingly new. A well-written and welcoming take on the traditional tenets of Western religion.”

–Kirkus Reviews

✮ ForeWord Reviews: Featured in the December issue!  December 1/2013

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“This mash-up of Bible + sci-fi + metaphysics has introduced new lines of thought for meditation and consideration.

Identifying faith as a force for shifting manifest reality, Jane Catherine Rozek untethers Bible verses from their historic, traditional moorings. Calling the Bible an empowering formula for activating faith as a power source, she reboots scripture to read like a science fiction thriller with God as an extraterrestrial collective of Great Ones and Jesus as our Superhero.”

–ForeWord Reviews

“There are many nonfiction books that tell, inform, and instruct. And then there are those rare ones, such as yours, that provoke thought. From the very beginning, in a gentle, conversational tone, your use of deep questions immediately immerses the reader in thought. As you naturally weave scripture verses throughout the book, you seem to have a self-revelation (as you mention being “surprised” by this or that), which is highly contagious and engaging.”

—Faith Rose, author of Now to Him

“Jane Rozek’s book The Celestial Proposal is a challenging, carefully conceived new look at the Christian faith through fresh eyes…She develops a compelling argument for the intervention in human affairs of an advanced race of god-beings who, throughout human history, have sought to make themselves known.

Rozek shows the various ways in which they invite humanity to take the steps necessary to join their highly ethically and metaphysically advanced ranks, lending a new, challenging interpretation to the classic Christian doctrines…”A Celestial Proposal” will challenge and intrigue both Christian (at least, those willing to consider the faith from a bold new angle) and New Age readers.”

—Thom Lemmons, author of Blameless and Jabez, A Novel, and coauthor (with Jan Beazley) of King’s Ransom

“I can, in all faith, proclaim this is a good book. I have been waiting for it most of my life and admire your ability to read between the lines of man’s words and define God’s message. You have a truly blessed gift, in my humble opinion. Perhaps you’re one of God’s messengers, to bring the good news from a different approach from the one most of us seem to have trouble with: organized religion.”

—Maria Trautman, author of The Path to Survival

“The author is a seasoned writer, and the style is clear and readable. This is one of the more interesting submissions we have seen so far this year. We want to commend you for thinking outside the box as you put it….”

—The Writer’s Edge, a Christian literary agency

Jane Roderick’s THE CELESTIAL PROPOSAL is a book that both challenges and affirms many of the tenets of traditional Christianity. While her cosmology will likely be unsettling for readers rooted in orthodox beliefs, she simultaneously affirms classic Christian sacrament and practice. She also offers an imaginative take on both the end-times and humanity’s ultimate spiritual destiny.” (2012)

—Thom Lemmons, author of Blameless and Jabez, A Novel, and coauthor (with Jan Beazley) of King’s Ransom

“This book helped me to understand what Christianity is really all about. I’ll never view God quite the same again! Your book is my foundation.”

Rebekah J. Antkow, Editor, Books of Life Publishing House

“There is a spice in your writing style that I envy. A fresh look at an old truth wrapped in a seeker sensitive package guaranteed to pull people off the fence out of apathy!! Great work.”

David McGrinn, author, God, Why Was I Born Gay?

“The Celestial Proposal” is an exceptionally well researched and written treatise on a very provocative and ultimately important subject to humanity at this juncture in history. Her fascinating, unique, theories and views had me totally absorbed from start to finish. She really helped open some new and very plausible possibilities and ways of looking at the story of Christ’s time here on earth. It flows along easily in an intensely thought-provoking manner for even us many non-religious types. I both learned one heck of alot and thought even more deeply than ever before about a very timely subject, “Who was that Guy and where did He really come from anyways?”

Sean Pegg, Pegasus Adventures